The current situation that technology of numerical control Plasma Cutting is in our country and development

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Foreword is in industrial production, the metal heats up cut to commonly gas cutting, Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting waits. Among them Plasma Cutting and gas cutting photograph are compared, its cut limits wider, efficiency is taller. And the quality that technology of careful Plasma Cutting already was close to Laser Cutting in the respect of cut surface quality of material, but cost is far however under Laser Cutting. Accordingly, plasma Cutting since from 20 centuries 50 time metaphase develops a success in the United States, get developing quickly. As the computer and the rapid development that the number controls a technology, numerical control cut also is able to develop flourishingly, machine precision in improvement. Managing material, raise the respect such as labor productivity to show huge advantage. This makes Plasma Cutting technology from manual or semi-automatic develop to numerical control direction stage by stage, make one of main way that technology of numerical control cut develops. Technology of numerical control Plasma Cutting is the new and high technology that technology of technology of collect numerical control, Plasma Cutting technology, inversion power source is equal to an organic whole, its development is built in character of computer control, plasma arc the course such as electron of research, electric power progresses jointly over the foundation. The technology of numerical control cut of our country starts at 20 centuries 80 time, and technology of numerical control Plasma Cutting starts later. But in recent years, logarithm of unit of a few colleges of domestic, scientific research, production manufacturer accused Plasma Cutting technology to undertake study, progressively development produced the equipment of numerical control Plasma Cutting of all sorts of norms, narrowed the difference with foreign advanced technique. The application in expecting below the plank of the factory of current situation our country of Plasma Cutting of 1 home numerical control is most general is blaze cut and Plasma Cutting, uses device includes to leave opportunity of the makings below machine of makings, profile modeling, semi-automatic cut by hand the makings below next makings and machine of numerical control cut. Be compared with other cut means and character, expect optional sex is agile and big, convenient below handiwork, and do not need facility of the makings below special form a complete set. But the defect that expects below manual cut also is clearly, big, material wastes difference of its kerf quality, on size error big, hind the workload of path treatment working procedure is big, work requirement is abominable at the same time. With the makings below profile modeling machine, although can improve the quality of next makings workpiece greatly, but must machine the profiling that suits with work look beforehand, unwell at sheet, the makings below small lot and great work. Although semi-automatic cut machine reduced worker labor intensity, but its function is simple, suit the cut of a kind of appearance only. Means of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of cut, to numerical control cut as a result of facility cost inferior, operation is simple, the medium and small businesses that is in our country so still is being used extensively in a few large companies even. The bitter fleabane as domestic economic situation suddenly development and " with trend of solder Dai Zhu quickly, the advantage of numerical control cut is people place to know gradually. Numerical control cut makes plank utilization rate rises substantially not only, product quality gets improvement, and the work environment that improved a worker, labor efficiency rises further. Current, the machine of numerical control cut that industry of treatment of our country metal uses is give priority to with blaze and machine of common Plasma Cutting, cut of Dan Chunhuo blaze, already cannot get used to the need of modern production, and at present the machine of numerical control cut of market demand is machine of numerical control Plasma Cutting more, the need of the treatment of next makings of the metallic plate that machine of this kinds of cut can satisfy different material, different ply and metallic spare parts, because of this demand will bigger and bigger, but the difference with abroad still very apparent, main show is: 90% amount to dominate trade of treatment of developed country metal the makings below cut machine, only 10% expect to fall by hand; And 10% what the makings below machine of cut of our country numerical control occupies next makings gross only, expect place holds proportion below numerical control Plasma Cutting among them smaller. Investigate its reason, higher facility cost, complex and safeguard and what the operation restricted numerical control cut to be in our country is farther gain ground. Because machine of cut of this home numerical control produced manufacturer to introduce abroad,control systematic technology, in cut field was being used after be being developed through 2, the design went out to suit the machine of numerical control cut of our country national condition. Certain manufacturer develops device of cut of special numerical control, had been achieved on the technology or exceeded foreign congener product. Machine of cut of our country numerical control is annual market demand is about between 400~500 stage, the product basically is given priority to with machine of numerical control Plasma Cutting. relatively, shape cutting machine sells thousands of every year, semi-automatic cut machine is sold every year amount to on 10 thousand. This shows, market of cut of our country numerical control, especially the development latent capacity of market of numerical control Plasma Cutting is tremendous. 1.

1Plasma Cutting sort introduces A. Common plasma arc cut. According to uses main job gas, main component is argon plasma plasma of arc cut, oxygen arc cut. Oxygen plasma arc cut and air plasma arc cut a few kinds. Cut electric current is commonly under 100A, cut ply is less than 30mm. B. Restrain plasma arc cut again. According to plasma arc restrain means again, main component compresses plasma arc cut, magnetic field to restrain plasma arc cut to wait again again for water. Because plasma arc is compressed again, the energy of arc of its current density, cut is centered further, improved cut speed and treatment quality thereby. C. Careful plasma arc cut. Plasma arc current density is very high, it is common plasma normally arc of current density multiple, because introduced such as to rotate the technology such as magnetic field, the stability of its electric arc also is able to rise, accordingly, its cut precision is quite tall. Quality of surface of careful Plasma Cutting already amounted to the floor level of Laser Cutting, and 1/3 what its cost has Laser Cutting only. 1.

The cut machine power source that 2Plasma Cutting power source is in our country formerly to apply more tall leakage to fight transformer to sum side commutate mood 2 times already was replaced by place of power source of inversion type Plasma Cutting gradually, its principle is shown 1 times like the graph. Homebred plasma power source is used at manual cut to mix mostly deserve to be on car cut machine, improve somewhat as a result of function in recent years, because this also deserves to be used at machine of numerical control cut stage by stage, but still need to rise further. 1.

The current situation of technology of 3 numerical control and the flying development that develop computer technology promoted numerical control technology change, and the high spirit that this also perfected numerical control Plasma Cutting increasingly, high speed, efficient function. The system has the new generation numerical control that the numerical control system of the Europe that represents world advanced level, United States, Japan produces business to use labour to accuse the soft hardware natural resources with substantial opportunity to develop open mode architecture, namely the development of numerical control system can run platform to go up in what unite, face final user, adopt a change, increase or clipping structure object (numerical control function) , form seriation, can mix the special application of the user conveniently technical know-how is compositive in controlling a system, realize the development of product of different breed, different class quickly. Open mode architecture makes numerical control system has better versatility, flexible, adaptability, expansibility, change to intelligence, network way develops. Current, open system is particular have 2 kinds of basic structures: A. CNC+ labour accuses machine advocate board. labour accuses machine advocate board in inserting traditional CNC machine, labour accuses board basically use as real time control, CNC basically uses as the real time control that gives priority to with reference axis motion. B. Labour accuses machine + athletic control plate. Real time control is made use in inserting athletic control plate labour to accuse the standard of machine to insert groove, and labour accuses engine is main make be not real time control. The numerical control system of the engine of numerical control Plasma Cutting that our country produces is to be on the foundation that introduces technology of foreign numerical control more, try to be developed independently and be become, formed the numerical control system that can get used to domestic user more stage by stage. Overall for, the basic function of foreign congener system was had in respect of numerical control system, but photograph of as advanced as abroad numerical control system is compared, in wrong record, network production, full automatic the respect such as production still exists bigger difference. 1.

The power source of cut of interference rejection measure of system of Plasma Cutting of 4 numerical control has intense electromagnetism interference, this controls a system to must have very high interference rejection capacity with respect to requirement computer, can resist plasma brings the high frequency interference when arc already, also can resist when the job plasma of big electric current the interference of arc, return the other interference source of site of can counteractive job. Through interference rejection design, improved the dependability of system of numerical control Plasma Cutting, its fault rate also is reduced. Current situation of Plasma Cutting of 2 domestic and international numerical control and the manufacturer home that develop aircraft of cut of trend abroad numerical control basically are in Germany, United States and Japan centrally. Look from rigid structure, its development experienced cross model (light-duty) , the door (small-sized) , dragon door (large) 3 phase, corresponding model sort is various. Can represent technology of numerical control Plasma Cutting the manufacturer of top level basically is in Germany centrally, if the cut precision of the machine of careful Plasma Cutting of German ESAB company already amounted to Laser Cutting floor level, current, abroad already had manufacturer to install manipulator of a special cut on machine of cut of dragon door type, the dragon door type that develops system of 5 axle control is special cut tool, this system can go all sorts of contrail in dimensional cut, use dog specially probe, in cut process control cut runs orbit. Under photograph comparing, home although cross, the door, dragon door produce somewhat, but range is insufficient, model of manufacturer home product is relatively onefold, type of Shang Molong door is special product of profile cut machine. In last few years, ask as a result of what wait to environment of cut quality, work taller and taller, the technology of advanced Plasma Cutting such as law of law of large underwater Plasma Cutting, careful Plasma Cutting gets developing more quickly, its are corresponding the market demand that the product is in our country also year after year rises. In the industry of production of Plasma Cutting equipment of our country, because lack Plasma Cutting theory to consider to carry out the mechanism that changes with production, accordingly new technology applies not wide, new product to develop speed to be unhappy, the further progress that restricted Plasma Cutting technology and apply. Can foreknow, the market demand of the machine of numerical control cut of our country will still be given priority to with machine of numerical control Plasma Cutting. Meanwhile, the market demand that the advanced cut equipment such as the large underwater Plasma Cutting that abroad applies extensively, careful Plasma Cutting is in our country shows ascendant trend of year after year. In light of the tendency that develops from industry of Plasma Cutting of foreign numerical control, intelligence changes accurate cut to will make the way that cut industry will develop henceforth. Output of steel of 3 conclusion our country amounts to 100 million tons of class already, plus the bitter fleabane of manufacturing industry suddenly develops, this is sure to promote the benign development of technology of Plasma Cutting of domestic numerical control. Overall for, plasma Cutting of our country numerical control already reached level of foreign congener product on basic function, but should be achieved completely or exceed foreign level to still very long way wants. Unit of domestic each company, scientific research should increase scientific research strength, take the transverse collaboration between the enterprise seriously, form an advantage complementary, strive for in the following respect rise further: A. Should strengthen plasma theory to study the relevant changeover with production; B. Plasma power source should increase stability further; C. Positive development suits the equipment of numerical control Plasma Cutting with our country national condition, reliable economy; D. Man-machine interaction interface is friendly, suit operation of worker of the makings below cut; E. Network interconnection function. CNC Milling