Stacking machine implement the research circuit that person structure designs

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Because this task comes from the need at the enterprise, research content wants more press close to at actual, thereby more the research that conduces to new product and development. The main research content of this task is as follows: 1.

To having stacking machine implement the person's structure undertakes detailed ground is analysed, apply UG of three-dimensional model software to build this stacking machine implement three-dimensional model of the person. 2.

Rely on above all finite yuan of analytic software ANSYSWorkbench those who build it is finite yuan of model, undertake consider and be analyticed in relevant statics respect to this model again next. 3.

To stacking machine implement the person applies Lagelang buccal law undertakes kinetic build a model, beg the athletic concern expression between the power that takes each joint and action to go up in them or moment of force, undertake to three-dimensional model in ADAMS then kinetic emulate, fall in the light of different load, the curve such as pitching moment, acceleration and the rate with dynamical joint input, executive endmost speed, acceleration undertakes contrast, last pace, we need to apply ADAMS this software undertakes to the model of the robot kinetic respect is emulated, undertake to the result that reach thorough ground analyses research then. This chapter basically summarized the origin of the task and its setting meaning, stacking machine implement the main problem of trend of current situation of the person's concept, classification, research, development and existence, the main research content that made the text finally and place want finished particular job. CNC Milling