What note does the need when is engraving tool used have?

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One, of the cooling fluid in electric machinery main shaft is being checked to cool before using store quantity, the main shaft of open electric machinery is cooling, make sure cooling fluid circulation is normal. Open is being pressed sealed, enter bearing of electric machinery main shaft with avoiding to machine waste liquid, cooling fluid to wait. 2, the material that hold card must firm, must abide by " outfit fact, outfit, outfit is smooth " principle, forbidden in material impending place undertakes carving. 3, when the tool that hold card, must reach the dirt that blocks in advance first sundry clear clean, load card head pressure put inside the cap, the outfit since another arrives on electric machinery main shaft and insert cutting tool calorie of head, sell again finally press a cap closely. When fluctuation knife degree of tightness presses a cap forbidden use push-pull means and must use rotate means. Manage pressing cap mixes the Ying Xianqing when next knives turn the useless bits that go up, loose press a cap to take cutting tool the cap to take out calorie of head. 4, when the cutting tool that hold card, the length that cutting tool shows calorie of head must consult sculpture deepness file, clamping apparatus and calm. The length that shows calorie of head below contented condition circumstance as far as possible short, when the total length of cutting tool is less than 22mm, forbidden continue to use. 5, when the cutting tool that hold card, knife handle extends calorie of length inside the head to must be more than 18mm. 6, if use cutting liquid,cutting tool must develop when treatment. 7, in carving a process, forbidden close quarters observes, fly into the eye with preventing to cut bits. Should suspend carving when observation, shut electric machinery main shaft and decide electric machinery main shaft to rotate no longer. In carving a process, forbidden touch cutting face with the hand, taboo cotton silk wipes working surface. 8, forbidden place any article go up in machine tool mesa or beam; Forbidden hand is helped up go up in the body of machine tool bed such as crossbeam and shield; Prohibit body lean is on body of machine tool bed. 9, forbidden knock, bump electric machinery main shaft, when discharge knife forbidden beat. 10, prohibit using a machine tool below overheat or super-cooling condition. 11, machine of carve of essence of life is facilities of a kind of light-duty treatment. The sum of useless bits of weight of tool clamping apparatus, workpiece and treatment does not exceed a machine tool rated bear weight. 12, the dimension that an use cutting tool should examine seriously before sculpture, whether does function satisfy requirement of treatment process designing. 13, should examine cutting tool way seriously before treatment correct. 14, must affirm before beginning to machine the knife since each axis is nodded again (working origin) correct. 15, must let electric machinery main shaft rest everyday 2h. 16, report of severe forbidden band is dialed insert electrical wiring, board card and electric parts of an apparatus; Machine organic material to wait combustible when tasting, working site should have significant fire prevention step. Seventeen, before coming off work everyday 10 minutes, cheer to the machine tool lubricant reach swab clean machine tool. Affirm the machine tool quits movement, park the machine tool in appoint the position, shut power source, affirm all switch oneself disconnect, just can leave. CNC Milling