Other aperture machines brief introduction

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The opening that 1 reaming gives to already was being gotten with reamer makes enlarge big treatment call reaming (graph 1b) . The cutting tool that reaming place uses is reamer, if pursue,1a place is shown. Because reamer is rigid good, without horizontal blade, oriented sex is good, so tolerancepublic errand grade had reaming dimension to rise, can amount to IT10 ~ IT9, ra value can amount to exterior surface roughness 3. 2 μ M. Reaming can serve as machine eventually, also can regard bore with a reamer as Kong Qian's prior operation. Graph 2 Huo aperture is in 1 reamer and reaming the plane of the hole that orifice surface drills treatment to give certain appearance with Huo or protruding stage, call Huo hole. For example, huo is cylindrical the protruding stage plane that countersink of countersink, Huo conic form, Huo uses at putting washerbed down the livestock to use. If pursue,2 are shown. Graph 2 Huo aperture the finish machining that aperture of bore with a reamer of aperture of 3 bore with a reamer is aperture. Aperture of bore with a reamer can divide thick bore with a reamer and bore with a reamer of essence of life. Bore with a reamer of essence of life is shown like graph 3a place, its mental allowance is lesser, have 0 only. 05 ~ 0. 15mm, grade of dimension public errand can amount to IT8 ~ IT7, ra value can amount to exterior surface roughness 0. 8 μ M. The workpiece before aperture of bore with a reamer should pass bore one enlarge (or bore hole) wait for treatment. Graph aperture of 3 bore with a reamer and reamer 1.

Reamer reamer has a hand to use reamer with reamer and machine two kinds (graph 3b) . The hand is straight handle with reamer, working section is longer. Machine it is awl handle more with reamer, can install in aperture of the bore with a reamer on drilling machine, lathe or boring machine. The working section of reamer is comprised partly by cutting part and Xiu Guang. Cutting part shows taper, loading cutting job; The move since the part that repair light directs and trim smooth function. Reamer has 6 ~ 12 cutting blade, the cutting negative charge of every edge is smaller. 2.

The measure of aperture of cylinder of hand bore with a reamer and method 1) ask according to the precision of bore diameter and aperture, decide the mental allowance between the treatment method of aperture and working procedure, if pursue the 4 treatment processes that are the 30 aperture of φ with taller precision. Graph the treatment method of 4 aperture and operation allowance 2) undertake bore or reaming, have opening of bore with a reamer next. 3) when hand bore with a reamer, two tactics exerts oneself to do sth. even, press clockwise roll reamer and press downward forcibly slightly, any moment cannot inverse, otherwise, cut bits to squeeze reamer, cut hole wall, make reamer edge bursts apart, the opening that bore with a reamer gives not smooth, out of round, not accurate also. 4) in procedure of opening of bore with a reamer, if turn to be not moved, do not want to be pulled forcedly, answer to take out reamer carefully, whether is examination reamer cut bits gets stuck or encounter hard spot. Can break off otherwise reamer or make edge bursts apart. 5) the volume that feed measures wants proper, even, add cooling lubricating fluid ceaselessly. 6) after aperture bore with a reamer is over, want a clockwise to rotate exit reamer. CNC Milling