Contemporary laser technology reachs the application in aerospace domain in machining

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Introductive laser technology regards science and technology as the main product of development, have the effect that cannot replace to driving the development of relevant industry domain. But more territory is like aerospace, machining in applied laser technology, did not obtain favorable result, investigate its reason depends on making the advantage of more technology measure in laser technology is developed, the essence that this asks to use technology of proper understanding laser actually combines particular industry to ask to undertake technical measure chooses. Accordingly, the article is right in industry of aerospace domain, machining of contemporary laser technology use research, have very important sense. Of technology of the laser in machining industry in applying those who analyse   A to make mark and cut technology to handle machining trade, the design that has special symbol, number to equipment product commonly asks to use laser to make mark technology. This technology application is very wide, the appearance in be like machining industry, instrument, measure, auto industry and electronic industry, involve the job that make bid. The target that the general technology that make bid involves is centered in printed circuit more board, the respect such as synthetic material, balata, pottery and porcelain, plastic, aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Additional, more material also often is involved to handle the work in machining process, ask to introduce cut technology right now, its basically melt through the application of focusing lens material, be in stimulate action of beam of light to issue will fused material to be blown, have so cut accordingly seam form. In contemporary machining domain, regard new and high treatment as means Laser Cutting technology, can make had been out of shape in traditional cut process crack is too big, large and operation time is longer wait for a problem to get settlement. B solders with quench of the technology apply receive a technology about laser beam welding, it is character actually play equipment component part as to laser, make component part can join for an organic whole. In introducing this technology machining domain, main show is adjusting its dominant position a variety of type metals can undertake soldering, and after soldering, won't appear cave or other be out of shape phenomenon, whole welding line is very beautiful on appearance. The technology solders in machining domain at present apply main show to be in two respects, namely: ① solders diamond curiums piece, can use this technology implementation directly; ② is right housing kind spare parts, car board and armor plate, can use laser beam welding to receive a technology. Of this technology quality solders in applying traditional to solving machining not tall, solder the problem such as beautiful sex difference can have the face apparent effect. Additional, in quench the technology uses a field, its basically use high-energy laser to undertake scanning to workpiece surface, temperature of area of so whole work rises splitting, and but the instant from cold. So its advantage centers expression to be: ① photograph is compared quench commonly hardness, the goods that laser quenchs means falls will exceed his 15% the left and right sides; ② handling time is shorter, and can use the computer to undertake controlling to whole operation directly, have certain automation to machine a characteristic, manufacturing efficiency is extremely tall; More pollution won't produce below ③ technology application, and need not introduce cooling medium to be able to finish microtherm to quench quickly. Of technology of C frit Fu and stiletto technology apply to the reproducing project in machining domain, often involve old equipment repair to work, and the main technique of installation repair is given priority to with laser frit Fu. In using a process actually, can be opposite directly old equipment fabricating, the performance characteristics of hoist, can satisfy the requirement with the managing resource in contemporary business development. Additional, the laser technology in machining domain, also behave in stiletto technology respect. Wait to weaker data, metal stuff or metalloid material commonly, often need to have the treatment of different type aperture, stiletto technology can introduce in this process. From stiletto the advantage of technical application looks, main show is in stiletto precision is taller, can decide a central aperture definitely, and can control stiletto deepness freely, won't arise bigger be out of shape problem. The application that the in managing industry of aerospace of analytic   A laser beam welding of technology of the laser in aerospace domain receives is general this industry is more of the component solder to introduce riveting fashion more, although,its application falls can material of frit aluminium alloy, but because heat treatment effect is poorer, bring about the generation of the crackle between brilliant extremely easily. And receive laser beam welding means to introduce, these problems can get settlement directly, and whole airframe production process is able to simplify. Relevant practice considers to discover, use laser beam welding to receive replace riveting craft, its can make airframe self-prossessed reduce a lot of, so corresponding production cost also is met managing, the effect that visible laser beam welding receives is very apparent. In addition, in this industry domain, stiletto of cooling to the spare parts aperture works, the requirement introduces laser stiletto fashion, its cost is inferior and stiletto effect is taller. The in applying a tradition to be used at this industry cut method of the Laser Cutting in B aerospace industry makes sure crust material gets be handlinged effectively very hard, the reason depends on crust material having hardness more tall, intensity is advanced characteristic. And apply in Laser Cutting technology below, a lot of is like engine casing, advocate in waiting to take processing oneself, wainscot of ala coming back, empennage and envelope can have favorable effect. The application of the surface in C aerospace industry and figuration technology as a result of aviation engine more component is on the price relatively hold high deficient, if change ceaselessly,will expend the cost of slue, because this can introduce laser surface technology, have repair to the component of damage, after be damaged like engine lamina, can take the three-dimensional rehabilitate step in exterior technology, the function of component part whole that can assure repair hind is not affected. This shows, the component in aviation industry makes very as old as repair rate need to rely on exterior technology, figuration technology to come true. Conclusion is contemporary of laser technology apply provide solid technical safeguard for aviation industry and machining industry. In applying actually, should combine specific industry field requirement, the technical measure with logical relevant choice, if machining domain solders mediumly, the stiletto that make bid and cut, and solder in aviation industry, cut, figuration and exterior technology, ensure laser technology action gets be developinged adequately, ability promotes the rapid development of relevant industry domain. CNC Milling