Size of batteries of the mobile phone that install eminent is larger and larger, why not durable still?

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Believe to there is this kind of doubt like you and me: Capacity of this handsome mobile phone batteries is as high as 3000mAh, and IPhone6 ability 1810mAh, can be inferior to a family however durable, why? So, we talked about what element to decide the add boat of the mobile phone below. 1.

3 when affect boat of mobile phone add main factors (1) the watch for an opportunity that capacity density batteries follows a mobile phone is same, cannot see exterior parameter only, malic 800W is photographed like the head can the second killed the 1300W of numerous brand. Batteries is same also, cannot see capacity size only, see capacity density even. This is just like the bottle with two likewise large volume, one can install 10 stone only, x of another technology ox, can crumb stone, as a result of the aperture decrescent between stone, the result can install the blinding of size of below 15 stone. So, capacity size does not see blindly when buying a mobile phone, also want to see its density, at present the density of batteries capacity compares the mobile phone to be controlled in 350Wh/L mostly, prep above this density batteries is pretty good. (2) hardware configuration is theoretic taller configuration often is meant more for instance the screen of 1080p compares cost report 2K screen omits report, 4 nucleuses compare processor report of 8 nucleuses province. Of course, if a few parts of an apparatus adopted more advanced technology, power consumption can become fewer. (3) on software optimize software, be systematic respect optimize, for instance Android system involves the process of tiring-room task to wait, make its fluenter and fluenter, also more and more province report. 2 it is the algorithm on hardware is optimized, for instance 4 nucleuses processor, spend gently when using, wake up only among them two nucleuses, spend again only when using, play large game for instance, just 4 nucleuses a standard-sized sheet, omit many report so. Of course the effect with manufacturer of this need hardware and best implementation of ability of collaboration of software development business. 2.

Raise boat of mobile phone add to have what idea (1) fill technical mobile telephone quickly thinner and thinner, the size nature of batteries is done hard big, fill a technology quickly at this moment -- fill one small conference, can have used long -- this is a kind of solution. Connect high not only now, what couplet sent the chip manufacturer such as the division to take out oneself is fast fill plan, also have research and development of firm of a few mobile phones those who have own intellectual property is fast fill a technology, the technology of VOOC Shan Chong of OPPO is for instance right. (2) the idea that promotes what afore-mentioned place say batteries technology to increase batteries energy density, it is technology of a kind of simple only, after all the addition of density has on line, too big in case exploded to do how? Using new-style lithium cell so is a kind of good method. For instance, the researcher research and development of Chinese Tsinghua university and American Masschusetts Institute of Technology gave battery of lithium of new-style accept rice recently, can finish inside 6 minutes charge. This kind of batteries not only more durable, charge rate is very rapid also (need 6 minutes only) . The capacity of batteries of ion of in addition new-style lithium also rises considerably, it is now almost 3 times of capacity of batteries of mainstream shift device, the add boat that can let a mobile phone is more abiding. (3) use new material new material to have a lot of, fry very for instance batteries of black lead Xi and aluminous ionic batteries (be not the lithium cell that uses now) . It is reported, black lead Xi can promote batteries energy density promotion 10% , life rises 50% ; Aluminous ionic batteries allegedly can can fill the cell that makes an appointment with 5000mAh capacity 1 minute. Apparent, just we need this kind of new-style batteries truly, after all present can charge lithium battery still alled alone the Buddhist nun is invented 1992, too long did not progress. Of course, new battery looks very absorbing, still be in experimental phase at present nevertheless. CNC Milling