Kennajin belongs to a company to roll out solution of milling of new fund KenFeed 2X

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Kennajin belongs to solution of milling of new fund KenFeed 2X is tall feed light model the positive result of newest research and development that operates to heavy-duty milling. The solution of new generation milling of the original KenFeed platform research and development that through already was in industry has 6 years of many successful experience uses older bit, have bigger cutting depth. Generation KenFeed cutting tool needs the bit of 3 kinds of different measurement on, and new KenFeed 2X needs a kind only. These new bit designs have tall feed, can offer high grade material to excise rate and productivity for rough machining. Razor blade of every double-faced triangle has 6 cutting blade, more sufficient use the cost that reduced every blade. Thick bit design can offer remarkable intensity and reliability, make its can bear tall feed operation. In addition, it also is deep model the good solution that antrum or above of 3 × D grow diameter to compare milling. Double-faced milling cutter can be finished easily light-duty, general-purpose with heavy-duty machining. HD razor blade is structural steel, high strenth steel and cast-iron first selection, and the cutting force of GD razor blade is smaller, suit to machine the stuff with better tenacity. Use newest knife sheet to be mixed character groove, kenFeed 2X razor blade can pass many cutting first flank to turn over the process capability of times. KenFeed 2X has the milling cutter of cold whorl connection type inside the belt, establish the cutter hub such as the milling cutter, milling cutter that cover type. The design of this platform makes KenFeed 2X milling cutter is become model the good choice that mill of antrum, slope and helix interpolation and Z- axis insert mill. Kennajin belongs to a company to still plan the product line that enlarges this anew, include metric with imperial diameter. CNC Milling