Chongqing develops coating of wear-resisting of oxygen of annulus of successful and hydraulic machinery

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Science of material of Chongqing engineering college and project institute developed coating of successful and hydraulic mechanical wear-resisting a few days ago, guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.


Cn) expert says, this is an our country breakthrough in this domain. This are new the product forms by 3 constituent: Self-restrained modified epoxy resin (the tenacity of this adhesive and flexibility have than pure epoxy resin rise apparently) , the aggregate of pottery and porcelain of tall hardness wear-resisting of solidify agent and distinct size and the exterior coating that a few additive comprise; Reach a layer by agent of double phenolic A epoxy resin, solidify piece the intermediate coating that antirust filling comprises state; Organic coating of rich zinc bottom. Ground floor all prevents oxygen, water and salt effectively to wait with intermediate layer corrode medium to be opposite of metallic matrix erode, exterior layer is had be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly erode abrasiveness can. Applicable is in at the job oar body is erosive wear away the workpiece surface below operating mode (like component of slop pump, concentrator) with the hydraulic machinery that often is shed sand milling corrode component surface (like hydraulic turbine lamina) . CNC Milling