The robot works in mould of liquid state iron medium apply first

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Manufacturing base is located in Meiteman (the Georg Fischer joint-stock company of Mettmann) held water 1802, have 100 old histories. Company of Mei Teman Georg Fischer belongs to headquarters to be located in Shafuhaosen / Switzerland (the GF Automotive subsidiary of the Georg Fischer joint-stock company of Schaffhausen/Schweiz) . Besides cast goods, georg Fischer joint-stock company still produces treatment machine tool and pipeline system. Base is produced in Mei Teman, nearly 1000 employee make 190000 tons of auto industry every year cast. At present state / the task: Last year, a when be located in Meiteman brand-new cast a factory to begin investment to move, this factory produces the axle component of car and van and engine part. In the meantime, georg Fischer joint-stock company is searching program of a kind of technology, so that temperature extremely tall liquid state iron is in random locally infuse sandbox, realize sandbox thereby the biggest flexibility and can use a sex. All sorts of systems that normally these work place use can be in only locally fill sand mold. Because undertake stationary mould locally in fixed mould, all cannot undertake agile mould in these systems so. Executive measure / solution: B is passed it is OK to use two the robot of burden of KUKA KR 1000 Titan of iron of mould liquid state, georg Fischer can obtain the biggest flexibility, make sandbox face gets optimal use. Mould system sets no longer now allow to cast be located in where. In the solution that develops by limited company of compositive business ROBOTEC Engineering, two KR 1000 Titan can run paralell the job. Additional, because cast the extremely high environment temperature inside the factory,heat-resisting outer garment still can prevent a robot and be damaged. There is a flood in robot flange place of iron of liquid state of 1400 degrees of high temperature pouring groove. Additional, in pouring one is installed to be able to measure what liquid state iron measures to say to weigh sensor between groove and robot flange. Such is in the next time pouring the quantity of the liquid state iron that the accurately metric place when the loop is short of. Pouring the liquid state iron inside groove maintains optimal dosage from beginning to end. Pass the flexibility of 6 axes robot, liquid state iron can be in the aleatoric position of sandbox is pouring. Arenaceous model refrigeration reachs 700 degrees the following, till can will cast take out. Continueing to cool to room temperature hind, must have jet to the component and visual inspection is carried out before preparing consign. Appearing breakdown or stop for long when machine, pouring the metal inside groove can cool and can no more use at pouring. ROBOTEC is aimed at research and development of this kind of circumstance technically the solution of an innovation: The iron in the process can be entered through two robots relay cast furnace, make its are answered afresh lukewarm. Another innovation is full automatic change pouring groove. The robot is OK what will used is pouring groove is put down, next capture new pouring groove, what we see no less than change robot clamp is same. In addition, block a robot to still can be inside forge area through using a warehouse more apace carries out all sorts of equipment to work, and the burden that won't add employee. Systematic component: Robot of KUKA KR 1000 Titan F is mixed with its compact structure type relatively inferior weight (4700 Kg) and be convinced making a person. In addition, it is OK still and compositive in equipment of a complete set of, and need not high special ground, can bear the ponderosity that makes an appointment with 950 Kg is laden. It can mention not only the load of ponderosity, still can locate its accurately. Additional, it still can span the biggest 6.

5 meters distance. Its advantage depends on compact structural type, this kind of construction makes working space got first-rate is used not only, also mix the space at the same time charge is managing come down, compositive in equipment. Achievement / effect: Because the iron in the process can pass two robots relay to enter,cast furnace to make its are answered afresh lukewarm, so Georg Fischer company reduced the sources of energy and content to spread cost not only, and still reduced carbon dioxide discharge capacity continuously. CNC Milling