Cast-iron to Lengji camshaft affects chemical class status cast-ironly

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When with Leng Ji the method produces camshaft, to assure the stability of cast quality, in the analysis in process of molten iron heat preservation each composition of relevant element is mixed the quantity that contain carbon, find out the rule that carbon changes along with heat preservation time, undertake controlling to the composition before furnace, can reduce the percent defective of the product effectively. To using Leng Ji the method produces camshaft, in raw material, fusion, pouring with modelling craft particular case falls, leng Tie is placed through be in cam place in molding process, form in order to make cast is in caky process in the working face of cam perpendicular the Lai body carbide at working surface and a few compact pearlite, this organization has good wearability. So camshaft of Leng Jizhu iron is applied in great quantities by car market gradually, but its craft applicability is poor, this affected its further progress on certain level. The element such as the control that be pregnant with of the molten iron before the control of chemical composition, molding sand, process temperature control, furnace and ball turn, mould and technology design is met affect Leng Jizhu the craft of iron camshaft uses a sex, especially the influence that chemical composition and molding sand face camshaft of Leng Jizhu iron twice this to cast is attached most importance to especially should. With respect to me the circumstance of the company talks about the control of chemical composition below, consult in order to offer everybody. The control of the composition before furnace equipment of my company fusion has 4 4t should amount to furnace of inductive intermediate frequency, molten iron of 4t of fusion of every fusion furnace needs 1h only, and our model product line has 3, it is B-Track, Auto1, Auto2 respectively (see a picture 1) , among them the big rod that B-Track basically produces 6 crocks of engine, modelling ability is 16 model / H, the ability that uses up molten iron 1.

3t/h; And the small rod that Auto1, Auto2 basically produces 4 crocks of engine, modelling ability is 60 model / H, the ability that uses up molten iron 1.

8t/h. As a result of the characteristic that semifinished product of Leng Ji camshaft produces, the molten iron that product line place needs is mixed very hard with, certainly will brings about fusion ability ambitious at modelling ability, after molten iron fusion is good at the same time pouring at the same time modelling, every furnace molten iron is general from begin pouring to pouring ending need 2.

5h. Accordingly, this raised taller requirement to the composition of molten iron. Graph 1 model product line the composition to assure molten iron, we undertake controlling through two respects: The first, use before taphole water read spectrometer continuously (see a picture 2) the element such as the silicon that analyses molten iron, manganese, phosphor, chromic, molybdenum and copper, the analyzer that use CS (see a picture 3) element of analytic carbon, sulfur; The 2nd, molten iron burns caustic in the content of the carbon in heat preservation process. Through craft as to the first pace the experiment determines equal chemical class status, composition range of the regulation adjusts the chemical composition of molten iron before be pregnant with is handled, carry out at present rise relatively simple, and to the 2nd is compared complex. Graph 2 read Nextpage of analyzer of spectrometer graph 3 CS continuously with me semifinished product of camshaft of an engine of 4 crocks of derv is exemple, this product blueprint asks: ≥ of HRC of hardness of place of cam peach pointed 5mm 45, cam peach is pointed 80 ° 5mm handles two side hardness HRC ≥ 40, basic circle does not need Leng Ji to handle; Journal metallographic organization is: Black lead is A model + a few D, E, matrix is pearlite + a few carbide, core (φ 10mm) carbide ≤ 10% , ~ of matrix hardness HB230 300. The manufacturing facilities of this product: Fusion is to choose existing 4t to should amount to furnace of inductive intermediate frequency, modelling uses Japanese essence to be versed in manufacturing TH-E makes core machine, introduce laminating arenaceous model. As a result of pouring time is long, composition is controlled not easily, because shrinkage cavity and metallographic organization are unqualified,bring about discard as useless, percent defective is achieved commonly 15% . We pass the distributinging discovery to reject, pouring product shrinkage cavity is mixed from the back the rate that metallographic organization discards as useless is apparent on the high side, we estimate is molten iron is in pouring of the carbon in the process burn caustic to cause composition wave motion to bring about percent defective to increase. For this, we decide to collect the curve that carbon changes along with heat preservation time above all, adopt the range that the carburet inside furnace stabilizes with making sure carbon lies next. Sampling plan follows the curve that heat preservation time varies to collect carbon, we decide sampling plan is: 1. Use pouring Leng Tie's molten iron, the chemistry before Leng Tie's furnace the temperature of water of composition, taphole is adjusted agree with the product ingredient that at present we experiment, with assuring data can compare a gender. 2. Be in pouring every 4min is pouring in the process one sample piece, the analyzer that use CS detects carbolic quantity. 3. The data such as the weight of the molten iron inside the molten iron temperature when the heat preservation power that records furnace, every 4min, furnace. We undertake handling respectively to collection data, the graph is shown 4 times is the curve that carbon changes along with heat preservation time. Graph 4 carbon follow curve of change of heat preservation time the curve that we follow heat preservation time to change in the light of carbon, the weight of the molten iron inside recombine furnace, cipher out needs to fill the amount that increases carbon, consider the absorptivity of carburet agent again, reach the relation curve of actual carburet agent and heat preservation time (see a picture 5) . Graph the relation curve of agent of 5 actual carburet and heat preservation time on the carburet before we use this data to this product furnace, good carburet dosage metage before join, pouring before carburet agent is joined one test block detects carbolic quantity, watch the metabolic trend that carbon measures. The chemical composition before this product furnace is at present controlled, the percent defective of the product is reduced 8% the left and right sides, especially the scale < that shrinkage cavity and metallographic organization discard as useless 2% . Epilogue Lengji is cast-iron although client of camshaft chemistry composition does not make a demand commonly, but the cast with want to acquire stable, quality good, chemical composition especially content of carbon, silicon must be controlled strictly. We already used the experience that accumulates in this product in other products. CNC Milling