Profibus spot bus line produces on-line application in the Jiao Sheng that sift lay aside

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Technology of bus line of foreword PROFIBUS spot is being known by people and accept, and in our country a few industries already had successful application. PROFIBUS-DP is a kind of high speed and optimized communication plan, basically use at realizing spot class to control the communication between equipment of spot of system and etc of O of distributed I / . The article introduced to give priority to a station with S7-300 series PLC, the module of terminal type bus line of TURCK company is the control system of the composition that assign a station, it is AC of n of i of Xi Menzi W and PROFIBUS-DP spot bus line the application in cooking domain. Already a lot of document had made the introduction to PROFIBUS-DP, here is absent to be carried more, module of terminal type bus line introduces first below. The module of terminal type bus line of company of TURCK of module of bus line of 1 terminal type is open a kind model agreement of spot bus line and connection of bus line terminal rise, can join on module of bus line of terminal type line many various signal facilities. System of terminal type bus line serves as a kind of independent network, can open with a kind model agreement of spot bus line undertakes / is outputted inputting (I / O) data and exchange of information of condition / control. Bus line module includes 3 chieves: 1 is bus line coupler (gateway) , it is finished open model all communication task between system of spot bus line. In system of terminal type bus line it regards a scanner as / advocate check implement all communication that will control terminal system interior. The 2nd it is the module of terminal of I / O that node is equivalent to in the system (module of output of every input / has 2 or output of 4 inputs / is nodded) , module of every terminal type contains chip of a special synthesis (ASIC) , it is used at as in-house as system of terminal type bus line network (K-BUS) communication. The last it is terminal terminal module, it ended the serial news report on K-BUS. Anxious product line of lay aside of sieve of 2 system brief introduction is group of Henan Tianhong cooking a project in anxious project of 300 thousand tons of tamp, this product line sets two distribution room, one gives priority to distribution room, for main facility power supply, another is spot distribution room, for spot equipment power supply. Control room locate advocate in distribution room, advocate room of control of station PLC locate, from room of distribution of spot of locate of module of bus line of station terminal type. Of 3 control system form 3. Block diagram of 1 control system (graph 1 ) this labour in controlling a system accuses engine is main the configuration of the system that finish and process designing and the working status each equipment convey to pass monitoring picture to show to big screen CRT come. Labour accuses machine stand as monitoring, through stringing together mouth and advocate station (PLC) man-to-man join, monitoring station is not on PROFIBUS-DP net, cannot read directly take mix from station data finish long-range parameter chemical industry to make, monitoring station place needs from station data can from S7-300PLC advocate read in the station take. PLC advocate station and terminal type are linked together with PROFIBUS-DP spot bus line from the station, assorted control panel issues all sorts of control orders. 3. 2 configuration and process designing use an operation to go to the lavatory, software of 7 process designing is opposite the p of S t e with friendly interface advocate station PLC undertakes process designing, the program download reachs advocate in the EPROM of station PLC16K, undertake configuration to the system. If the picture pursues 2. 3. 3 monitoring picture uses w of e of i of v of g of n of i of configuration king K 6. 0 pairs of supervisory system undertake developing, make picture of status of each facility work show go up at CRT, if monitoring picture pursues 3. 3. Moving condition of anxious technological equipment implemented store of 4 characteristic sieve big screen trends shows, production attempers the moving state that personnel sees equipment OK and intuitionisticly, real time masters the moving circumstance of machining complex equipment, attemper for production personnel gave out correct manufacturing statement to provide important basis, improved level of management. The application of technology of spot bus line, make control equipment direct room of thorough spot distribution, reduced intermediate link and breakdown point, managing signal transmits used control cable, simplified systematic installation, debug, reduced construction cost, make safeguard become simplification, relaxed change. The system detects automatically give trouble and call the police, incident calls the police to be printed in real time in the meantime come out, and can will call the police information puts store in the database, for inquiring in the future. 4 last word sifts lay aside anxious product line from September 2001 since put into production, control system moving stability, reliable, function index achieved design requirement, acquired an user approbate, also improved my company product at the same time in the market competition ability. CNC Milling