Element of cut nominal cross section and cutting means

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One, the workpiece material layer that cut of element of cut cross section is the excision of place of a single act that points to cutting part. Its appearance and dimension set the tolerance in the tool reference plane in cutting tool. When turning is machined, it is this one metal that point out mistakes so that they can be corrected wears in cutting. The appearance of cut and dimension, decided load of lathe tool susceptive directly, and the figure that cuts bits and dimension. 1. Cut nominal cross section accumulates A D   to be in given the instant, cut is accumulated in the actual cross section in tool cutting edge plane. In the area that the ABCE place in graph 1-19 surrounds. 2.   of B D of cut nominal width measures in cut dimension plane, in give the moment, action at advocate the distance between on form of cutting blade cut two the utmost. It was mirrorred roughly advocate the length that cutting blade attends cutting to work. 3.   of H D of cut nominal ply is the cut cross section in same instant is accumulated rather of nominal cut width than. Set O =0 0 of S =0 0 of cutting tool λ , γ , can get by graph 1-20: Analyse afore-mentioned formula knowable, cut nominal ply and cut nominal width follow the change of tool cutting edge angle and change, when κ R =90 0, h D=h Dmax=f, B D=b Dmin=a P. Nominal cross section accumulates cut to be decided by cutting dosage F, A P only, do not suffer the effect that tool cutting edge angle changes. But size of radius of circular arc of appearance of cut cross section and tool cutting edge angle, point of a knife is concerned. If graph 1-20 place is shown, the cut cross section with two equal areas, because radius of circular arc of point of a knife and tool cutting edge angle are different, cause the very big change of nominal cutting ply and nominal cutting width, produce bigger effect to cutting process thereby. 2, time of unit of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of Z W of metallic excision rate (S) the metallic bulk that cuts, call metallic excision rate, express with Z W, it is a kind of index that measures cutting efficiency discretion. Z W can calculate with next type: If the unit of Z W is Mm 3/s, and the unit of V C is M/s, if conversion becomes Mm/s, criterion   3, 1 of cutting means   . Free cutting and cutting tool of blame freedom cutting are in cutting process, if only blade of a cutting attends cutting, this kind of cutting calls free cutting. Its main feature is edge go up each a little bit to cut bits to pour out of direction roughly identical, of the metal that be cut be out of shape happen basically inside 2 dimension plane. Graph 1-21 place shows the case that is free cutting, the characteristic is advocate cutting blade length is more than workpiece by the width of cut, attend cutting without other cutting blade, and advocate cutting blade cuts bits at each o'clock to pour out of direction basically the law along cutting blade to, belong to free cutting so. Conversely, if the cutting blade on cutting tool is curve or broken line, or have blade of a few cutting (include advocate cutting blade and deputy cutting blade) attend cutting at the same time, complete whole cutting process at the same time, this kind of cutting calls blame freedom cutting. Its main feature is each cutting blade is collected hand in be in the metallic interact that cuts and interference, the metal is out of shape more complex, and happen inside three dimensional space. For example outside divide when cutting of round lathe tool advocate outside cutting blade, still deputy cutting blade attends cutting at the same time, so it attributes kind of blame freedom cutting. 2. Orthogonal cutting and cutting of right angle of bevel angle cutting are to point to cutting tool advocate the cutting when the S =0 of blade dip λ of cutting blade, right now advocate cutting blade and cut speed direction to become right angle, reason calls orthogonal cutting again. Place shows graph 1 -22a to cut diagram for orthogonal dig, it is the orthogonal cutting that belongs to free cutting position to fall, the way that its cut bits to pour out of blade of directional edge cutting to. Bevel angle cutting is to point to cutting tool advocate ≠ of S of λ of dip of cutting blade blade the cutting of 0, right now, advocate cutting blade and cutting speed do not become right angle. If graph 1-22b place is shown,cut for bevel angle dig, cut bits to pour out of direction and orthogonal cutting to differ, law of deviate cutting blade to pour out of. Do not be as a result of the blade dip of most cutting tool 0, machine majority to attribute kind of bevel angle cutting in actual cutting so. But in studying with the experiment in theory discussion, means of commonly used and orthogonal cutting. CNC Milling