The choice skill that shaken knife places is not had when efficient milling

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Low-level rough machining times has been washed out by the social progress that pledges high speed, high nowadays. Want now to be excised in shorter time cut bits in great quantities, use top-ranking cutting cutting tool and high-powered knife clip system with respect to need. Excise a quantity to older stuff, need uses taller feed and amount of larger penetration of a cutting tool, so that be in very short time, excise more workpiece material as far as possible, achieve highest productivity. When efficient milling, the whole system that by main shaft box, main shaft, knife clip, cutting tool and workpiece make is standing particularly big load. By what suit technically with treatment craft photograph, such as hard alloy, titanium radical hard alloy (Cermet) or the cutting tool that cubic nitrogen turns the cutting tool material such as boron to be made, particularly can good land changes via canning bear huge to hand in load. To reduce the risk that rupture, also can use the cutting tool of pottery and porcelain of fiber aggrandizement individually. Knife clip also is bearing huge is laden, when end panel milling is machined, meeting generation can make cutting tool, knife clip system produces deflective great radial load. And the condition with deflective cutting tool and the structure that the knife places, cutting tool, what the knife places a system is dangerous extend length and cutting dosage to concern. In addition, the axial thrust with ministry branch very large generation (concern with the helix angle of cutting edge) , below worst circumstance, this force can make cutting tool pulls out from inside knife clip. The choice agrees with the knife mix that has rough machining, need to basically consider 4 decisive factors: 1.

Circumgyrate precision: If the cutting tool of place clamp and the axes that the knife places are different heart, when treatment cutting tool can produce impact. This will bring about edge to produce microcosmic burst, quicken cutting tool to wear away. In addition, circumgyrate precision is affected badly whether the measure that maintains workpiece treatment and public errand. Consider these consequence integratedly, accordingly, in cutting of material excision generous, often also should use circumgyrate precision to be less than 0.

003mm (in the distance knife clip carries a department 2.

The place of diameter of 5 times cutting tool is measured) accurate knife clip. 2.

Clamping force: Clamping force is to matter to the interface between knife clip and cutting tool whether the hinge that produces torque. If have enough clamping force, cutting tool can continuously cutting workpiece material. If clamping force is too small, cutting tool can place medium happening to rotate in the knife, cause cutting to be not stabilized. Below extreme circumstance, cutting tool is met completely even fall off from inside knife clip come down. To avoid the happening of these phenomena, the great majority in the past was to use shape connective knife places a system, use at material to excise generous cutting treatment. But, system of clip of this kind of knife is in circumgyrate precision respect often not quite tall. Current, as a result of technical progress, the knife places stress locking connective to also can ensure taller clamping force, use clip of this kind of knife, undertake material excision leads big rough machining smoothly. 3.

Radial is rigid: Can bear how old cutting force, this and the radial tigidity that the knife places are concerned. The feature of knife clip material (stretch model is measured) , the geometrical feature that the knife places (dimension size, appearance and wall are large) , and the join state of knife clip and system of whole machine tool is the main factor that affects radial tigidity. The wall that the systematic part that dimension of knife clip structure exceeds short, diameter to jump over big, cutting tool and knife clip composition becomes the clip that an organic whole, knife places to oppose opening cheek by jowl more is larger, place in the knife on machine tool main shaft prop up firmer, the radial that can raise a knife to place more is rigid. 4.

Damping function: When milling is machined, inevitable generation is oscillatory. The occurrence of this kind of phenomenon is the cutting that interrupts add in cutting process by the inhomogenous, individual tooth of ply of the cutting in machining a process about, also with cutting tool, what the knife places a system is lopsided about. Knife clip can be similar to shock absorber to absorb vibration, be helpful for undertaking even cutting is machined be mixinged smoothly. Can reduce noise so, improve the treatment quality of workpiece surface, the service life that prolongs cutting tool and the movement that raise machine tool main shaft are smooth. If be opposite in the market popular knife places a technology with respect to its 4 function feature undertakes comparative, show these knife clip are put in the difference with obvious move. Weldon knife is placed in circumgyrate precision respect apparent and inferior, easy generation shakes. Of precision of traditional pinchcock head circumgyrate and clamp repeat precision and clamping force respect inferior. Heat bilges cold shrink type collet has taller circumgyrate precision, larger clamping force and taller radial tigidity. But, because be the clamp device of whole type, when undertaking rough machining the vibration to generation is hard to realize damp almost. Accordingly, the accurate collet that very long period of time designs technically for this kind of rough machining is a kind of accurate collet that is based on technology of locking of 3 arris stress, it is the first selection collet that uses as rough machining. What the construction of type of grid form speech of this kind of collet ensured its are particularly tall is rigid. In addition, the insert that casts by copper alloy is having outstanding damping effect, function of this kind of damping wants specific heat to bilge about cold shrink type collet is 4 times taller. CNC Milling