Soldering future -- stimulate smooth compound solder

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As Lai this the robot is advanced on compound solder technology ceaselessly in laser, the craft application of this respect also obtained the affirmation of increasing client. At present till, lai this the 4th generation is brand-new stimulate optical compound technology to use a system city of successful already face, compositive Lai this the MWO54 that own research and development manufactures laser technology is compound solder laser head. Stimulated smooth compound solder to combine laser beam welding and MAG solder the advantage of two kinds of technologies. Its main good point is: Rate is rapid, heat is out of shape small, hot influence area is small, and ensured the metallic structure of welding line and mechanical attribute. Besides structural member of car thin plate solder, still apply to a lot of other application, for example Lai this robot the production that one client already used this technology at concrete pump and jib of movable type crane, these craft need to undertake machining to high strenth steel, traditional technique often can assist technology because of need other (like warm-up) and the addition that causes cost. Again criterion, this technology also applicable at orbit car make reach groovy steel structure (like bridge, gasoline tank) . The demand of technology of new-style to this kind joining together increases profit from market ceaselessly, lai this the optical component of laser technology got great progress. Now, lai this patent beam of light is compositive the robot can use a technology with this perfect cooperate. Lai this for laser the research and development of compound solder technology undertook a lot of interior use a test, made much investment in the patulous respect of laser technology lab at the same time. In addition, the robot of RV60-6-FT new-style laser that rolls out in 2013, power amounts to 20kW, configure laser of high power of head of laser of MWO54 compound solder and 8kW, should stimulate system of robot of smooth compound solder to represent the level with the most advanced whole world. CNC Milling