The property that cutting tool material should have

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Cutting tool material is the prime factor that decides function of cutting tool cutting, very big to machining quality of efficiency, treatment, finished cost and cutting tool durability to affect. When steel of use carbon tool regards cutting tool as material, cutting speed has 10m/min left and right sides only; Material of high-speed steel cutting tool appeared at the beginning of 20 centuries, cutting rate rises minutely a few meters; 30 time appeared hard alloy, cutting rate rises minutely more than 100 meters reach hundreds of meters; Cutting tool of current pottery and porcelain appears with what exceed hard data cutting tool, make cutting rate rises minutely 1000 meters of above; Also was driven greatly by the development of treatment material the development of cutting tool material. The cutting tool stuff with good performance, it is to make sure cutting tool is efficient working postulate. Cutting tool cutting part works below intense friction, high pressure, high temperature, should have the main demand that be as follows. The hardness of tall hardness and material of tall wearability cutting tool must prep above is cut by the hardness ability of treatment material next metals, this is the main demand with cutting tool necessary data, hardness of material of existing cutting tool is in 60HRC above. Cutting tool data is harder, its wearability is better, but because cutting condition is more complex, the wearability of material still decides the chemical composition at it and the stability that metallographic organizes. Enough strength and concussion tenacity intensity are the action that points to counteractive cutting force and will not edge collapse is broken break off with arbor the property that place should have. Express commonly with bending strength. Pounding tenacity is to show cutting tool material is in discontinuous cutting or the capacity that percussive work requirement leaves sword of guarantee against collapse, popularly, hardness is taller, concussion tenacity is lower, material is more fragile. Hardness and tenacity are a pair of contradiction, also be a key that place of cutting tool stuff should overcome. Hear resistance of tall hear resistance weighs red rigid again, it is the main index that measures performance of cutting tool material. It mirrorred cutting tool material integratedly to retain hardness, wearability, strength below high temperature, fight oxidation, fight felt and fight diffusing ability. Good craft sex and economy are made to facilitate, the craft sex with cutting tool due and good stuff, if forging, heat treatment and grinding treatment function. Answer to consider economy integratedly when make and be chosen of course. Exceed hard data and cost of material of coating cutting tool currently more expensive, but its service life is very long, be in group by group mass-produced in, apportion is reduced somewhat instead to the charge in every spare parts. Because this must consider integratedly when choose. CNC Milling