Milling is planar the feed course of kind of spare parts designs a principle

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Milling is planar kind of outline outside the spare parts when, use commonly establish milling cutter side edge to undertake cutting. Receive knife mark to decrease, assure quality of spare parts surface, to cutting tool cut and cut a program to need elaborate design. When outline of the surface outside milling, the graph is shown 1 times, of milling cutter cut and cut a point should cut on the extension line of curve of outline of edge spare parts and cut spare parts surface, and do not answer edge law to cut a part directly, produce nick in order to avoid treatment appearance, make sure spare parts outline is smooth. Milling closes inside when outline surface, if inside outline curve allows extension, should cut along tangent direction cut. If inside outline curve does not allow extension (see a picture 2) , criterion cutting tool can the law of curve of the outline inside the edge to cut cut, cut its, cut a dot to choose in spare parts outline the node of two geometry element is in. When in-house geometry element tangent when having point of intersection (see a picture 3) , when cancelling to prevent a knife to fill, sunken opening leaves in outline turning point (3(a) seeing a picture) , cutting tool is cut cut a dot to should be far from corner (3(b) seeing a picture) . The graph shows the line taking a knife when the circle is being made outside be milling of means of circular arc interpolation 4 times. When the treatment that make a circle ends, do not be in in point of tangency 2 retreat a knife, and should let cutting tool move more along tangent direction a paragraph of distance, when lest cancel a knife,filling, cutting tool and workpiece face posture are touched, cause workpiece to discard as useless. Also should abide by when the circular arc inside milling from tangential the principle that cuts, best arrangement transfers from circular arc the treatment course of circular arc (see the graph is shown 6 times) , can rise so inside the treatment precision of aperture surface and treatment quality. Graph 1 cutting tool is cut pursue with the extension when be being cut 2 inside of outline treatment cutting tool cut and cut       to pursue 3 machine cutting tool without the outline inside point of intersection cut with cut             pursues 4 outside round milling pursues 6 CNC Milling