Need not finish machining! New-style chamfer milling cutter comes out

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Japanese peaceful the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces aing jade-like stone (Tungaloy) development goes cutting blade to use CBN (cubic brilliant nitrogen changes boron) the milling cutter of round head chamfer of agglomeration body " BBB2000 form " , already began to sell. The whole of blade of hemisphere shape cutting of this product front uses CBN agglomeration system to make. This product applies to housing of mobile phone colophony to shoot figuration place to require the treatment of the mould. Current, the treatment method of this kind of mould is, take the advantage of its still " soft " when with exceed hard alloy to build groovy milling cutter to undertake cutting, undertake to raise wearability quenching handling next. However, as a result of the influence of heat treatment, can produce small on size error, accordingly, use even after this exceed hard alloy tool to have precision work. Differ with this, milling cutter of new round head chamfer can pass the mould that quench and hardens from direct at the beginning cutting. Because of cutting hind need not heat treatment, won't produce on size error so. Accordingly, can cancel finish machining working procedure, reduce corresponding this part cost, still can shorten date of delivery. In addition, the cutting hardness of this product is highest can amount to Rockwell hardness (HRC) 70. Additional, the precision of cutting blade also got rising. the R precision of cutting blade control is in 5 μ of ± M while, eliminated R blade and outside week blade juncture, realized the high accuracy cutting of appearance error minimum from this. Regard series as the product, this company prepared R of round head radius for 0.

3, 0.

4, 0.

5, 1.

0mm CNC Milling