The real value of radial and jumpy error

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It seems that very the radial and jumpy error of grain still can bring tremendous influence to cutting tool. Reduce this one radial and jumpy error only, just improve the service life of cutting tool and manufacturing efficiency greatly likely. In machining center, should jumpy error maintain ideal cutting tool radial to in what limits just be appropriate? A lot of job shops think the answer of this one problem just is a single digital issue. But according to company of Big Kaiser of supplier of accurate knife handle (triumphant drop great emperor company, in Yilinuosi the Elk Grove village of the city) the informal investigation to metallic processing factory, the radial and jumpy error that they think major person can be accepted is about 0.

0005 In(1in=0.

0254m) . Those who assure cutting tool clamp is homocentric degree can make the cutting force on cutting tool is mixed wear away distributing more even. Cutting tool is smaller, what what its need is homocentric spending a requirement to jump over tall Mr Jack Burley is triumphant the sale that drops great emperor company and engineering design vice-president. He says, occasionally the opinion of most person always is correct. If the diameter of cutting tool is 3/4 In or a few bigger, so 0.

The radial and jumpy error of 0005 In is very ideal really. He says, if apply this one standard on all cutting tool inside job shops, that may cause serious mistake to pay high price even. To very small cutting tool, should beat this one radial the error is reduced 0.

The level of 0001 In or a few lower, only such ability achieve considerable beneficial result, the service life that improves cutting tool thereby is mixed is manufacturing efficiency. Recently, in nicety getting cuts treatment to operate example in, the broach radial that job shops place uses beats the error is 0.

0002 In. This job shops (as most as other job shops is same) think 0.

The radial and jumpy error of 0002 In is very small. However, if its changeover arrives when the knife handle of for accurate clamp device special design, can allow job shops to beat this one radial the error is reduced 0.

00009 In or 90 μ In. The power that gets from little bit and wear away in light of degree, its distributing evener. Accordingly, it is OK that job shops uses this kind of cutting tool quickly cutting, treatment cycle can shorten 20% . In addition, cutting tool service life can raise 3 times. The essence that uncovers radial and jumpy error pursues the numerical value of radial and jumpy error that here different to 3 kinds 1 3-mm broach differs with 4 kinds had a test, beat through different radial the error undertakes comparative to the influence of cutting tool service life next. The material of workpiece is 1055 steel. The traversal speed of the traversal speed of cutting tool of HSS high-speed steel and hard alloy cutting tool is 90 Ft/min and 250 Ft/min respectively. Feed speed is 0.

004 In/r (Lin-0.

0254m) the graph shows the test result that does for place of company of Big Daishowa Seiki 1 times, this company is triumphant the parent company that drops great emperor company. In the experiment, altogether used 4 kinds of different radial and jumpy errors to be worth, checked 3 broach. Get cut condition identical, differ somewhat besides the material of cutting tool and length, uses cutting tool diameter is same. These 3 broach, include cutting tool of a hard alloy to get the depth that shows 3 times diameter, cutting tool of high-speed steel of a HSS gets fully same deepness and cutting tool of high-speed steel of a HSS to get the depth that shows 5 times diameter, of its cutting tool among use cooling fluid to cool. The limits of radial and jumpy error of these cutting tool from 0.

0006 In arrives 80 μ In. Mr Burley says, these discovery showed above a few serious problems. Among them a problem is correct radial and jumpy error is not concerned with cutting tool dimension only, and also concern with the material of cutting tool. If radial is jumpy the precision of the error is taller, the service life of cutting tool is longer. If radial is jumpy the error is very tall, so the harm that place of hard alloy broach gets rate is older also. Afore-mentioned discovery also make clear further, jumpy error meets small radial cause how old effect to the broach of 3mm. The basis is not normal investigation, 0.

The better data that the radial of 0006 In beats the error has been close to job shops place to think. However, reduce this one cost of radial and jumpy error further, can make the service life of hard alloy cutting tool rises 3 times the left and right sides. Although there is the change of some of iota on cutting tool, still can make the service life of cutting tool raises 60% above. This kind of effect not only can getting out the show in cutting treatment, and when the milling cutter of hard alloy end panel that cuts bits chamfer to small diameter, 4- has a test, 80 μ In and 0.

Radial beats the difference of the error can make the service life of cutting tool raises 30% above between 0006 In. The characteristic graph of knife handle the static radial that the good stuff that 2 slow ground rotate to be machined through high accuracy can measure a main shaft is jumpy error. And the blame contact measurement unit below can measure evaluation main shaft to rotate in treatment the dynamic and radial jumpy error when condition pursues the 3 knife handle that contain lesser collet angle are OK accurately clamp cutting tool. Prevailing collet point of view is 16 degrees, and the character of taper of this kind of collet that shows in the graph is 8 degrees of Mr Burley to say, want to achieve such managing goal, should begin from main shaft above all. Most job shops is familiar with the common gauge that radial of test main shaft beats the error is used. This kind of gauge is the good stuff that high accuracy of a course machines actually, when the test, make its slow on the direction of main shaft rotate, measure the radial and jumpy error when main shaft static state thereby. The existence circumstance as to dynamic and radial jumpy error is little-known. When the rotate speed of main shaft achieves operation rate, radial and jumpy error can be mixed as quantity of heat, vibration wait for an element from mental efforts and produce change. The graph is shown 2 times the common gauge that beats to measure and evaluate radial of main shaft static state error place is used and can measure main shaft trends the gauge of radial and jumpy error. The radial and jumpy error that if the measurement of main shaft evaluates a value,makes clear its itself is very small, can think people place is accepted, the key that should hold small radial and jumpy error so depends on the knife handle of cutting tool. Mr Burley says, use accurate knife handle, what ability makes cutting tool achieves nicety is homocentric degree, and accurate knife handle design should have the following characteristic: (The treatment precision of taper of knife handle of 1) taper public errand is right of knife handle and main shaft cooperate to have very big effect. If the knife handle precision of place production can be achieved inferior micron grade level and its surface is bright and clean degree reach level of face of micron class lens, so the interface of its taper and taper can exceed 96% above. (The point of view of knife handle collet with 2) collet prevailing point of view is 16? . The knife handle that adopts lesser collet point of view has numerical value of more close together radial and jumpy error. If pursue,3 shown collet point of view are 8 degrees. Change use such knife handle, its gripping range is lesser. The collet of small angle, should be its gripping range compared 16? Collet little in part is controlled. Accordingly, the knife handle with radial and jumpy more close together error needs more collet, so that make,its can cover range of similar knife handle dimension. (3) collet nut screws nut can make collet clamp cutting tool, because this nut is a simple hardware not just. This clamp device is combined by the in-house raceway of collet and nut and become. Generally speaking, certain attrition power exists between the surface, but an accurate collet nut can install ball bearing between nut and raceway, in order to reduce force of this kind of attrition. Reduced attrition force to be equal to reduced tangential force, may cause collet to be out of shape otherwise, increase radial and jumpy error thereby. (4) handle also is called pull rod, it is a refill-unit of knife handle, do not think low-cost or its are dispensable, the high grade wear-resisting character with have the hand better and fight be out of shape ability, conduce to accurately fixed position. Homocentric spend and the potential cost that cost can determine to radial beats error place may be caused through direct calculation or cost. Pursue for example 1 in shows trial uses bit of 3mm hard alloy, its charge is 40 dollars about. When its achieve the most accurate radial and jumpy error, can allow to get cut treatment 148 alveolus, and its are when the biggest radial and jumpy error, can get the alveolus that cuts treatment 1/3 amount only. Accordingly, when using accurate radial and jumpy error, the charge that processes every alveolus can drop 27 cent from 80 cent. So, when the bit that uses accurate and radial jumpy error when job shops, every are gotten cut treatment 100 alveolus, job shops is OK and managing the fund that 50 dollars control. Even if uses cutting tool of HSS high-speed steel, managing capital also is quite considerable. Cutting tool of shorter HSS high-speed steel needs to cost 15 dollars about. After the precision that raises radial and jumpy error, the finished cost charge of every alveolus can drop 10 cent from 23 cent. However, undertake HSS and hard alloy comparative, perhaps can show an issue more. If let the radial and jumpy error of hard alloy cutting tool,maintain in 0.

0004 In or higher level, undertake according to the same service life of HSS cutting tool cutting is machined, so its machine speed to be able to rise 2.

8 times. In other words, control radial beats the error changes with respect to possible implementation the cutting tool with treatment rapidder rate. Right now, ROI can undertake metrical according to treatment cycle time, is not to pass cutting tool service life to undertake measuring. This kind of latent capacity still perhaps is done not have be known by job shops place, they still do not understand the radial and jumpy error with this one right technology to achieve how many ability to be after all correct. CNC Milling