Compound technology form sediment accumulates microtherm plasma the function of Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> film and application

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Al2O3 film has property of a lot of exceedingly good physics, chemical, mechanical, electricity, especially high temperature insulation property. Use microtherm plasma compound technology [1] with double plasma technology [2 ~ 5] , can obtain in all sorts of matrix surfaces send density the Al2O3 film with tall, deposit more satisfactory rate. Use the Al2O3 film that compound technology wins microtherm plasma, send density tall do not need heal to handle. The Al2O3 film that uses this technology to obtain regards the insulation of lead surface as film, excel organic paint film. Because use microtherm plasma,compound technology becomes film, this kind of film and matrix add exert oneself tall, and compact, this kind of technology is in base material surface is OK form sediment of very even ground accumulates Al2O3 film, because use film of inorganic insulation Al2O3, the electric function of this film and high frequency function are particular beautiful, use its at electric steel piece the surface is isolated from, can make the alternate of iron chip piece coefficient prep above 95% , taller than organic insulation film, be able to bear or endure lukewarm ability is in 500 ℃ less than, there are any pollutions in producing a course, accordingly this craft is versed in place of industry public figure is used stage by stage. This film besides be used at finishing of soft magnetism material, in the production of semiconductor device, can serve as film of semiconductor device passivation, insulation to come loose via special processing hot layer. The article introduced microtherm plasma compound technology and device, the function of the Al2O3 film that introduced to use this technology to be obtained in surface of soft magnetism material reachs his to produce medium application in magnetic head [6 ~ 8] . Compound technology becomes plasma of 1 low temperature plasma of velar unit low temperature is compound the technology engraves magnetism of corrode device, radio frequency to accuse to splash by microtherm plasma into velar unit shoot composition of system of bleed of difference of device, vacuum. Use method of vacuum difference bleed, organic ground union is in the unit that leaves the job in different and baric condition in same vacuum system, comprised a kind to be able to undertake engraving corrode to strip, wire continuously, clean, compound technology becomes the microtherm plasma that activation and form sediment accumulate metalloid film velar unit, abbreviation " compound device " . Its machine is comprise by room of two big vacuum, room of the first vacuum engraves corrode for feed a machine, ionic bombard, clean reach room of exterior activation processing, the strip that handles through removing oil in this room lieutenant general, wire or sheet outfit are on transmission system, be carried on his shoulder or back in deferent process ceaselessly can ionic bombard, quarter corrode, the leftover adsorption of material surface content and oxide get rid of, make the appearance that is handled makes new active range, as pull the transmission that uses a system, the data that passes processing enters room of the 2nd vacuum, in this room radio frequency magnetism accuses a source to undertake splashing ejaculation to target of Al2O3 pottery and porcelain, splash the Al2O3 ion that shoots and small round particle to be in to pass high activation to handle appearance of the following material by form sediment accumulating, the material appearance that is being handled thereby is obtained compact, the Al2O3 film with adherent high power. In the 2nd vacuum indoor by procrastinate move the data that collects package buy to end processing to close roll, completed material appearance from this full automatic the whole process of processing. Compound technology form sediment accumulates plasma of 2 low temperature the function of Al2O3 film 2.

1 report function is in silicon steel piece the Al2O3 film that the surface accumulates ply to make an appointment with 4000  with afore-mentioned compound technology form sediment, use below room temperature condition differ law of homocentric round electrode is opposite diameter sample surface undertakes resistor is measured, measure so that exterior resistor is 1 × 6 × of 1014 ~ 1014 Ω .

Cm; Sample classics 1h of 600 ℃ anneal, refrigeration is measured so that exterior resistor is to room temperature 1.

1014 Ω of 6 × .

Cm, the exterior resistor with the sample that handles without anneal is basic and identical, namely this film is OK high temperature resistant, insulation property is very good, be able to bear or endure lukewarm grade is isolated from for C class. In N silicon sheet chip surface makes MIS with Al2O3 film (metal - dielectric - semiconductor) structural parts of an apparatus. The dielectric constant of the Al2O3 film that measures so that use afore-mentioned compound technologies to obtain from this is 6, electrical shock wears intensity to be more than 1 × 106V.

Cm - 1. 2.

2 film add exert oneself base material for 0.

The slope of 15cm ply not alloy strip, accumulate in strip surface form sediment with afore-mentioned compound technology about 0.

The Al2O3 of 4 μ M, with stick glue to pull a law to have pull test. Test result: Al2O3 film adheres to in surface of strip of slope Mo Jinge intensity is 5.

86 ~ 33.

7MPa, already can satisfy alternate of electrical engineering chip to fit craft requirement. 2.

3 fight strong cut a gender, fight a turn to fold gender, heatproof concussion sex to use this compound technology is in ply 0.

The slope of 15cm not the Al2O3 film that form sediment of alloy strip surface accumulates ply to make an appointment with 4000  . On automatic punching machine, with strong cut pattern of chip of recorder magnetic head, undertake developing a test automatically continuously to this strip, from take observation with more than makings to shears chip, all did not discover film falls off phenomenal happening; It is this strip in corner radius 0.

The metal of 2cm aspirant travel 90 ° and the turn of 180 ° lose a trial, till rupture, the examination ruptures the adherent position that manages film and strip, still did not discover fall off phenomenon; Heat film strip in air 600 ℃ , warm up speed 20 ℃ / Min, take out instantly after heat preservation 1h in be being put in air suddenly cold, examination film and matrix adhere to condition, result film and matrix slope not are not had between alloy strip fall off phenomenon, and rate of its surface resistor is measured to still be as high as 1 below room temperature.

1014 Ω of 6 × .

Cm. The specification uses this compound technology is in slope not form sediment of alloy strip surface accumulates Al2O3 film fight strong cut a gender, fight a turn to lose sex of gender, heatproof concussion all admirable, the machining of can contented electrical engineering material asks. 2.

The structural function of 4 film uses scanning electron microscope (SEM) undertakes form appearance observes, if pursue,1 is shown. Can see from inside the graph, using the Al2O3 film that this compound technology form sediment accumulates is by 0.

1 μ of 01 ~ M imperceptible bead piles up and become compact film. Undertake diffractive analysis to film through X ray (XRD) , if pursue,2 are shown. Can see from inside the graph without crystallization Al2O3 the peak appears, diffraction of reoccupy transmission electron is analysed (TED) , if pursue,3 are shown. Did not see in the graph heart do obeisance to annulus and crystal and diffractive stain, the corona dispersion cirque that centers however. Splash the material of material dispute brilliant that shoots through XRD and TED analysis specification. Use X ray photoelectron can chart is analysed (XPS) , if pursue,4 are shown. Via computer analysis, scale of the Al/O in film is 0.

75, the position in oxygen and aluminous peak position and Al2O3 standard chart is consistent, the Al2O3 that explains form sediment is accumulated is anoxic model Al2O3 film. Graph appearance of form of SEM of 1 coating surface 30 × Fig.

1Fig of chart of diffraction of ray of 2 X of graph of × of SEM Photo Of Al2O3 Films 30.

2XRD Spectra Of Sample Nextpage pursues Fig of graph of diffraction of electron of 3 transmission type.

3Electron of ray of 4 X of graph of TEM Pattern Of Al2O3 Films can chart (XPS) (did not engrave corrode) Fig.

4  of XPS Spectra Of Al2O3 Film afore-mentioned all sorts of showing differential analyse reachs, the state of brilliant of Al2O3 film dispute that compound technology wins is anoxic model Al2O3 film. Be informed through the test, this film has good electric performance, mechanical function and heat-resisting property. Its regard electrical engineering material as insulation film, satisfy industrial treatment and function requirement completely. Belt plan measures frequency in the application of 3 Al2O3 film in magnetic head chip frequency of magnetic head job is 200 ~ 300kHz, because frequency is tall, the eddy current effect between iron chip brings bigger impact to the function of magnetic head, the slope that the effect that overcomes these magnetic head backset to bring wants to use better quality not alloy sheet, reduce sheet thickness, besmear between chip small, insulation resistance leads high temperature resistant, high frequency loss at the same time expensive insulation thin coating. Below general requirement, chip of this kind of magnetic head uses epoxy resin to serve as chip between stick receive and insulating material, but in producing treatment course actually, this kind of magnetic head piece often appear piece a phenomenon of pinhole short circuit, core eddy current loss increases, magnetic head is high frequency and characteristic drop. In using afore-mentioned compound technologies that become film to be in, belt plan measures frequency form sediment of surface of magnetic head chip is accumulated 0.

After the Al2O3 film of 4 μ M, its frequency noisy character rises greatly. Its test case is as follows: Establish slope with day not alloy YEPHD material 37, compound technology form sediment is used to accumulate in sheet surface 0.

The Al2O3 film with 4 μ deep M, expect this sheet to treatment becomes core of closed circuit of 10mm × 6mm, stick with epoxy resin accept change piece, circle on coil, the inductance that checks this link (L) , resistor (value of R) , Q; Use 42 to did not besmear the sheet of Al2O3 film, check link by same technology and structural parameter preparation, measure inductance, resistor and Q value likewise, if the watch is shown 1 times,two annulus check a result. Express 1 two annulus to check result Table.

110kHz300kHz1#L86mH18 of number of sample of Test Results Of Two Rings.



88 Ω 46.

Q60 of 07 Ω   .

7   2#L47.




22 Ω 34.

Q121 of 2 Ω   .

0 note: 1# chip not form sediment accumulates Al2O3 film, 2 # chip already film of Al2O3 of form sediment accumulating from the watch 1 can see, the slope that form sediment accumulating has Al2O3 film not alloy makings annulus, although amount of place alternate chip is compared not the makings annulus amount of film of Al2O3 of form sediment accumulating is little 5, but in 300kHz high frequency condition falls, the inductance cost of two makings annulus matchs, and Q value increases apparently, after explaining the besmear between this annulus chip has Al2O3 film, phenomenon of the short circuit between chip was reduced. From the watch 1 still can see, rise 300kHz from 10kHz when working frequency when, the quantitative change of inductance of annulus of 2 # makings that besmear has Al2O3 film changes gradient comparing to did not besmear the 1 # of Al2O3 film expects the metabolic gradient of annulus inductance drops about 17% , this kind of phenomenon will be helpful for the change with characteristic noise of magnetic head frequency greatly. Use this compound technology accumulates Al2O3 film in form sediment of surface of chip of magnetic head of radio cassette player, in home some factory uses this technology, make class A of this factory magnetic head tasted percent of pass to rise 1.

5% above, bring better economic benefits to factory and society. 4 conclusion use microtherm plasma compound technology can be obtained in surface of soft magnetism material send density tall, adherent force is powerful, fight strong cut, the Al2O3 film that fights a turn to fold, resistor of this film surface has been led at 1.

1014 Ω of 6 × .

Cm, electrical shock wears intensity excel 1 × 106V.

Cm - 1, it is inorganic of high temperature resistant C class insulation film of insulation of pottery and porcelain. The state of brilliant of Al2O3 film dispute that with the article the compound technology of place introduction wins is anoxic model Al2O3 film of the structure, dielectric constant is 6, use this film to regard film of insulation of magnetic head chip and other electrician as film of material surface insulation, can contented industry machines requirement and product performance demand. CNC Milling