Low cost of arms industry product line is flexible change transformed preliminary practice

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One, foreword is cut to get used to industry of national defence science and technology, the development pattern of " of efficient " small vendor's stand, Gao Shuiping. Arms industry product line must undertake flexible change transform, build however flexible product line, not only price is high, and the technical talented person that needs many sided. Contradict in the light of this, 58 those who raised low cost is flexible change transform program, namely leave out carries a car automatically, the manipulator of cutting tool of makings, fluctuation falls on, the cutting tool library of automation and workpiece library. Left automation to machine couplet of equipment, information only the net completes fluctuation work with a few workers, hold the job that places cutting tool, form the product line of measurable automation. Automation treatment facilities still can use equipment of economy numerical control and other and self-restrained automation equipment, crucial working procedure to just deserve to go up in great quantities equipment of high accuracy automation. Thereby big political integrity restricted investment, improved the treatment efficiency of product line. Practice makes clear, this kind of plan fits the requirement that big, medium, small lot machines arms industry, can provide technical support for the billabong of current come off sentry duty, synergism that reduce a person more. 2, the CA-FMS(first phase that the practice of machining plant designs 58 times for Chang'an machine plant) project, consider according to low cost mode just about. In this system, automation machines equipment to be 4 machining center, machine tool of 20 economy numerical control, 15 are transformed by old machine tool and become among them. Website sth resembling a net is unit controller, workstation controller and treatment device control character implement 3 class of composition are given rank control system. Unit controller is the total control system that produces an activity entirely, through it implementation production planning, moving control attempers and the automata to CNC Machining process. Workstation controller is computer of 6 industry PC, between workstation and numerical control equipment, implement machine program transmit. Spare parts machine program is deposited in the computer, each information between is delivered come true through the network, machine different spare parts, need to call different CNC Machining program only, what can realize a product to produce is flexible. There are two in 4 machining center is the original device that uses a plant, having two is new those who introduce, want settlement crucial technology is machining center to take a network among them. The capital investment of this product line is less, outside dividing machining center, use at numerical control to transform, the charge of couplet network equipment, design, software has 1.56 million yuan only, and the economy of generation and social benefit are tremendous. CA-FMS joins movement more than one year, complete the treatment of 362 133 kinds of spare partses of 4 kinds of products, working procedure, decreased to stop machine wait for makings time and debug auxiliary time, average work efficiency raises double above, hardware percentage of A-class goods rises 2.

5% , economic equipment 76, reduce staff 70 more than person, reduce manufacturing area 1140 square metre, managing with report 220 thousand degrees. Integrated year economic benefits increases many yuan 200. In addition, what the contradiction that this product line resolved much trial-produce and little production effectively, much breed and small lot produce is contradictory, shortened the development of new product, development is periodic, reduced cost, shortened date of delivery, reduced the keep long in stock in goods. In the market competition of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, raised the competitive ability of the enterprise and viability greatly. 3, the practice of chemical manufacturer dominates a field in the process of serial production, use low cost flexible changed product line to also gain apparent benefit. The gunpowder product line that collaboration of chemical plant of 58 He Xingan transforms, it is domestic gunpowder product line flexible turn transformed model, got of head office of industry of department of national defence of state committee of planning and arms take seriously. The drive water in this product line, go to bead, pressure extend wait for crucial working procedure to part to be controlled by computer of 3 industry PC, make by computer of an industry PC again go up a machine, control PC of these 3 spots, achieve unified attemper, balanced production. According to the craft parameter of different product, 3 spots machine uses corresponding programme controll 3 crucial working procedure. This product line not only can produce double base medicine, still can produce 3 base medicine, sheet radical medicine, still can produce a variety of civilian if plastic alloy, project is plastic,taste component part and preform of electrode of big diameter black lead. Among them preform of black lead electrode can replace entrance product. Current, this product line had been passed debug, begin acting makings treatment, enter phase of small lot trial production. The characteristic of this product line is comprise cremation for core with self-restrained double screw press work is flexible product line, it is advanced on the technology. Compare with old product line photograph, its benefit is very apparent. According to preliminary count, after introducing new product line, yield rises than in the past 4.

7 times, gel pressing extends equipment to decrease by 7 original for product line of a; every jockey person decreases by 20 people for 5 people; water of cost of every tons of product by 6.

9 tons fall for 0.

4 tons of; fall to press area of the room that stretch project to be compressed by 250 square metre for gel of 345 degrees of; by 556 degrees with report measure in goods for; of 64 square metre fall by 800 original kilograms it is 40 kilograms. Nextpage58 place still was designed to celebrate in relief chemical plant odd, double, 3 base the much breed with general medicine, small lot is flexible product line, economic benefits is very considerable. Reduce operation staff 70% , make an appointment with 800 people, main raw material makes dosage is reduced about 5% , absolutely wastage is reduced about 3% . Percent of pass improves the product 5 ~ 10% . Because simplify technological process, reduced manufacturing segment. Cancelled the team and group of dehydrate of cotton of a nitration, omited one absorbs medical workshop, vacated area of workshop of 5000 square metre, saved cover an area of a face to accumulate 5 square kilometer, economic equipment 580 all fronts saves a; to carry measure 16470 times, economic carriage car more than 20, managing capital 2 million yuan, year item oil and upkeep costs amount to 200 thousand yuan. And, accelerated gunpowder to new breed is developed and change, satisfied a weapon to update the need with prospective war. Finishing army after tasting manufacturing task, still can use at production civilian article, implement the manufacturing system of the union that make the same score battle, satisfy the need that combat readiness arouses to be built with the country. After vise general manager of arms total Zhang Weimin inspects, think this is " of revolutionary " transform. Family work appoint after Huai Guomo vice director inspected, joyfully " taking up one's pen innovates with be realistic scientificly spirit, insist to do well emissive medicine is flexible product line " , premier of Zhu Rong radical ever also inspected this line, praise: "Want to be less than arms industry head office to still have the institute " of so high level. Preliminary practice makes clear, low cost of arms industry product line is flexible change transform fit our country national condition, it is union of " the army and the people, smooth battle is united in wedlock, army article preferential, with civilian raise army 16 words of " of guiding principle reflect, for arms industry the synergism that reduce a person provided technical support. 4, a few notable problems should do well low cost of arms industry product line is flexible change transform, the extreme that a few problems should cause us takes seriously. 1.

Want establishment army labour product line is flexible change transformed technology to rely on an unit. Arms industry is the manufacturing industry with an all ready class, product structure is complex, product line sort is various. Want to resolve difficulty of technology of arms industry product line integratedly, raise rate of product line automation ceaselessly, must mode, uniform to the architecture of product line, development technology standard gives research, make a large number of application software can be below unified platform development and compositive. Development work wants standardization, standardization, the use that reduces the transplanting that repeats project approving and the promotion application that repeat development; to want to be helpful for achievement of science and technology, software, system, safeguard and upgrade, war and OK move, diffuse product, in order to answer emergencies. 2.

Want give attention to two or morethings flexible the requirement that changes product line to run for a long time. Arms industry product line undertakes flexible change transform should apply computer technology, network technology to wait a moment necessarily, the personnel flow that master or builds these product line is larger. Run 10 years when product line, after 20 years, its are safeguarded or newer issue appears more outstanding. Accordingly, begin to must the unit is whole-heartedly in the design army article product line is flexible change it is good to transform the job to attend arms industry product line, education spot is used maintain staff, collect data of administrative good history, assure army taste product line any moment can run normally. 3.

Flexible change transform low cost of certain and ambitious attune and form a complete set. Precision of product of industry of a lot of arms is very tall, but the proportion that place of high accuracy spare parts holds is very finite however. Reasonable organization should be, economy equipment uses the part that machines general precision, high accuracy equipment is used at machining high accuracy spare parts. Flexible product line should be economy model cooperate to comprise with photograph of high accuracy equipment, such ability reflect the characteristic of low cost adequately, utmost land raises performance/price ratio. While treatment production is transformed, power supply, air feed, water supply, all answer for steam form a complete set is transformed, transform the effect in order to get utmost ground play. 4.

The talent fosters no time to delay. Make sure product line runs normally, besides equipment itself must reliable besides, safeguard daily, a few software development is indispensable, these should rely on spot technology personnel. Accordingly, arms total initiate talent flow stands, around arms industry product line flexible change transform, our place also has 3 flow station, the member that we welcome each unit heartily to send is flowed to me station job, study, develop hardware, software jointly, those who be product line is flexible change transform a contribution. CNC Milling